May 22, 2021

Biking for
a Cause

Join us on the Southern Links Trailway in Columbiaville, MI. for our annual fun day of riding to raise funds and awareness for local charitable organizations. We love to ride and give back to our community!

It's time to ride!

All ages & rider types

Whether you have a lot of experience, little experience, or a child that wants to ride. We welcome all!

20-Mile Course

With ride distances of 5 miles, 10 miles, and 20 miles. You may choose the distance you feel comfortable with.

All for a cause

We are biking 4 a cause and annually we will be holding events to put special emphasis on organizations in our area and soon nationally.

Learn more about us

What is Crank 4 A Cause?

"Bringing awareness to community needs through the strength of bicyclists."

Crank 4 A Cause was put into motion by one person’s love of riding and the idea of bringing together the bicycling worlds of all types. Mt. bikers, road cyclists, casual rail trail riders and training wheelers can join us for an annual day of riding to raise funds and awareness to local charitable organizations. Members of Crank 4 A Cause make up this nonprofit organization with riders of all levels.

We hope you come and Crank 4 A Cause with us in this family fun event for all ages. Lets dust off the bikes and hit the trail for an active day of safe riding and ride for a CAUSE.

This Year's Cause

Forever Friends Network

Forever Friends Network, established in April 2016 as a nonprofit organization, was founded by Regina Starr.  Every child wants to be accepted and have a place where they can be themselves without judgement.  Forever Friends Network (FFN) is a place where they can go and do just that.  

The Course

The Southern Links Trailway is a 10-mile rail-trail that connects the communities of Columbiaville, Otter Lake and Millington. Partnering with the Southern Links Trailway stemming 10.2 miles between Columbiaville and Millington, Michigan.  This beautiful paved trailway boasts amazing country views crossing country roads, waterways, bridges and is easy riding for all levels. 


20-Mile Ride

From Columbiaville, riding to Millington and Back


10-Mile Ride

From Columbiaville, riding to Otter Lake and Back


5-Mile Ride

From Columbiaville, riding to Sister Lake Road and Back

Thank you to our sponsors

Please visit our event sponsors. They make Crank 4 A Cause a huge success!

Thank you to our Food Vendors

  • Hours: 11am - 3pm
  • Hours: 11am - 3pm

Register now

You can register right online for Crank 4 A Cause’ 2021 event. Below are the pricing and tiers. 


20 Miles, 10 Miles, or 5 Miles


Kids (15 & Under)

20 Miles, 10 Miles, or 5 Miles


Tricycling Toddlers (6 & Under)

Children can ride anytime between 10:30am - 4:30pm


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